We’re changing the way anodes exist.

Ever wonder why your mobile devices don’t stay charged for an entire day? We do. The fact is, until now, battery technology has just been … good enough. But you’re not satisfied with good enough. Neither are we. If we demand faster, lighter, more powerful phones and laptops, why not demand the same from batteries?

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  • Welcome to the Future

    Welcome to Besstech.

    BessTech is an electrode design and engineering venture based in Albany, New York. Our mission is to improve the battery systems manufactured by assemblers and OEMs, providing them with high-performing electrodes.

    Founded in 2010, we are fortunate to be a spin-off of, SUNY Polytechnic Institute - Colleges of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (SUNY PI - CNSE), a $20 billion dollar, world-class nanotechnology center of excellence. The most obvious advantage of our partnership with SUNY PI - CNSE is our access to specialized tooling, equipment, and brainpower that allows us to create more and more innovation and reduce its time to market.

    To date, besstech has received sizeable technology grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF), from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), and private funding from a Venture Capital Group.

  • Who Wins?

    Who wins when batteries charge faster, last longer, and cost less? You do—but only if you use a mobile phone, laptop, tablet or any other form of battery-reliant technology. Let’s be honest…that’s all of us. Lithium ion battery manufacturers are looking to deliver a better, more efficient product at a good cost to end users; that is to you. And to do so, they need help, and that is where we come in. Our anode technology helps battery manufacturers create batteries that have the performance you deserve.

    We demand more powerful, faster, and lighter laptops and mobile phones, can we demand the same from batteries?

    Absolutely. We use materials and nanotechnology to ensure that we our clients can create batteries that surpass your future demands. Because the fact is, when the technology that makes our lives easier gets more efficient, more effective, and less expensive, we all win.

  • Anode Performance

    At besstech, we use nanotechnology to engineer anodes that improve the performance of batteries in three main areas: first, using our anodes batteries can hold more energy, which means that your electronics devices can work for longer or your electric vehicle can travel farther. Second, our technology allows batteries to charge 10 times faster; no more waiting hours to charge a battery. Third, our anode has been tested for a thousand cycles of charge and discharge, enough to make your battery work for a long, long time. And all of those great qualities do not have to come at higher costs. Our manufacturing process is simple, efficient, and fast. Finally, a technology that sets the stage for the future.

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  • Who Wins?
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Our Team

We’re fascinated by science, technology and their limitless potential. Our idea of a great day? Using science and technology to help you make everyday life easier and more productive. We are…

Fernando Gómez-Baquero

Fernando Gómez-Baquero,

Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer

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Doug Grose,

Ph.D., Independent Board Member

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Bruce Toyama

Bruce Toyama,

VP of Product Development

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Isaac Lund

Isaac Lund Ph.D.,

Scientific Advisor

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  • Technologies

    The Anode Problem? What Anode Problem?

    At besstech, we don’t see a problem; we see a $500 Million opportunity. The world consumes 6.5 Billion (with a B) lithium ion batteries a year. But these batteries are not good enough. In fact, these batteries use basically the same technology that was invented 30 years ago. At besstech, we’re blending chemistry, nanoengineering and economics to prove that there can be a revolution in lithium ion batteries. To spur the revolution, we have exclusively licensed technologies from two of the best universities in the Northeast, and in collaboration with them we are leading a technological change that will redefine how lithium ion batteries are made.

  • Performance

    Our differentiated, proprietary chemistry, uses nanoengineered silicide structures to create better lithium-ion battery anodes. Our anodes do not require carbon or binders to achieve four times the capacity of graphite, ten times the charging rate, and long lifetime.

  • Manufacturing

    Traditional anode manufacturing is a lengthy process that involves several steps (powder production , mixing (powder + binder + solvent), coating, drying, calendaring) that can take several weeks and requires costly equipment and has high overhead. At besstech, our process is comprised of one well-known, very efficient process: Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). We produce ready-to-use anodes in less than two hours using a highly scalable process. No need for costly dry rooms, solvent recovery systems, or even high overhead.

    Our highly scalable CVD-based processes are used extensively in the photovoltaics, coatings, thin-film, and semiconductor industries. This is the future of battery manufacturing.

Work With Us

Working with BessTech is a smart move if we do say so ourselves. Whether adopting BessTech technology and processes or actually purchasing BessTech-made products, you’ll find that teaming up with us can make a world of difference.